P4P Fitness classes

Kids Obstacle Course


Does your child like to hang, climb and jump? if so this class will be ideal. 

They will work through the different obstacles testing their grip and strength.

Adults Pad Session


Pad sessions are a mix of Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA. Suitable for all levels. 

Ladies Pad Session


Ladies only pad session is suitable for all levels of fitness. Its a good all over body workout.

Circuit Training


Circuit training is a mix of cardio, strength, body weight exercises and our free weights equipment. Open to all levels of fitness.

Free Weights


You can use all of the equipment during the open gym hours. We have squat racks, competition kettle bells, slam balls, a sled, yoke, atlas stones, farmers walk, viking press, ninja warrior equipment and more. 

Fitness Course


We run 8 week fitness courses throughout the year to help you kick start your fitness journeys.